Acai Berry for detox

Acai Berry Diet

With so many diet fads on the market today, individuals with weight loss issues quickly become frustrated at a lack of results. The acai Berry diet offers dieters an effective and healthy alternative to many other diet programs promising big weight loss rewards.

What Is The Acai Berry?


Acai Berry for detox

Plucked from the South American acai palm tree, acai berries are often compared to grapes for their black-purple color. Also called a drupe, fruit of the acai is also likened to a grape in that they are both little and round in shape. The two fruits likenesses end with the acai berries smaller size and seed content. Unlike the grape, acai berries have only one big seed; whereas grapes have several small, clustered seeds.

The acai berries use in diet has been known for centuries. Inhabitants of the Amazon jungle use the fruit as a main staple of protein, while many cultured Brazilians find the acai is an excellent flavoring for treats such as ice cream and liqueur.

As a modern day diet, the acai berry is hyped for its high antioxidant level and weight loss promoting capabilities. While there is some speculation as to the viability of the fruits benefits, many dieters claim rapid weight loss and increased energy along with improved skin appearance and better sleep.

Proponents for the acai berry diet insist that its antioxidant power is strong and can reduce the risk of certain diseases like cancer and heart disease. Critics believe the diet is no greater in antioxidants than that of the blueberry or grape and declare that no scientific evidence suggests the usefulness of the acai berry as a weight loss aid.

While substantiation of the acai berry diet has yet to be established, millions of individuals consider claims for the acai as true. Actively using the acai dietary program and supplements as a reliable source of weight loss and increased health, many consumers contend the fruit is promising.

Acai Berry Diet Program

There is no set program for an acai berry diet. Instead, dieters are advised to supplement routine exercise and low calorie intake with acai berry products such as juices, powders, and the fruit itself. As the acai berry possesses numerous beneficial qualities, it proves to be an acceptable aid in weight loss regimens.

  • Antioxidants: Help thwart damage caused by oxidation processes in the body.
    Fiber: Helps food pass through the digestive tract.
    Protein: Necessary for healthy body tissues and enzyme production.
    Phytosterols: Aid in nutrient absorption.
    Fatty acids: Vital for healthy brain function and overall cell health.

Acai Berry Diet Health Concerns

As mentioned earlier, there is some quarrel as to the validity of acai berry diet claims. Many scientists and physicians conclude that while the berry has obvious health benefits, none point to rapid or accelerated weight loss. Other concerns for the acai berry include negative effects from over-consumption of antioxidants and proteins.

A final note on the acai berry diet is one that has been widely publicized by sources such as ABC News. It is reported that some sellers of acai products use fraudulent health claims in advertisement campaigns, as well as unscrupulous recurrent credit card charges to the consumer.

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