Nowadays, every second day you must be hearing about someone or the other around you being diagnosed with some health problems. These health issues are not singular, they are usually caused by the combination of a lot of small problems going on in our body that results in some major problem.

detox and lose weight

It’s a proven fact that even the deadly diseases like cancer are caused due to toxification of our immune system and endocrine system via environment around us. The major point of worry is that even the food products we consume is nowadays void of nutrients due techniques like food processing. See more on detox your body by Lemon Juice.

Now, the question arises how these small problems be taken care of so that we can stay away from these chronic diseases. The answer to this million dollar question is regular detoxification of our body. Detoxifying not only helps you to stay healthy but it also helps to reduce extra pounds on your body. But if you search for the diet plans that are used to detoxification, you will certainly get scared because they guide you go on complete liquid only diet with restrictions on dairy products.

The fact is that God has blessed us with such a wonderful body that is self-capable to detoxify itself, you don’t really need to go on such strict and scary diet plans to either get rid of your weight or to detoxify yourselves. You just need make certain changes in your eating & working habits.

Let us discuss them one by one.

The simple & natural ways to detoxify yourself:-

Increase your water intake

You must have been advised by your doctor at least once till date to drink eight glasses of water every day. But this advice is neglected by 99% of people. You tend to drink water only when you feel the thirst for it.

You need to understand that if you make little changes in your daily schedule & start drinking more water you will increase your life span by a larger extent. Water is the best detoxifier that comes for free of cost.

Now, you will think that you are so engaged with your work that you usually forget to drink water. There are many solutions to it, all you need to have is the strong will to stay fit.

  • Keep hourly reminders on your cell phones
  • You can purchase water bottles that remind you to drink after regular intervals.

Include foods that are rich in fiber I your daily diet

Every third person is suffering from problems like constipation, hemorrhoids etc. This is due to the fact that fiber is missing from our diet. Fiber not only helps in eradicating such problems but also remover toxins from our body through large intestine via proper motions.

  • Eat more fruits like apples, oranges, bananas & peaches etc. but remember to eat fruits with a gap of 2-3 hours of taking meals.
  • Some vegetables act as great detox agents e.g.: onions, cauliflower, broccoli, beetroot, spinach etc.

Minimize the consumption of processed food items

Processed food contains preservatives, fats, additives, colors etc. that act as toxins in our body. Try to avoid them as much as possible.

Cut down on the consumption of unhealthy fats from your routine

  • Drinks like alcohol & coffee deteriorate the body’s natural ability to detoxify by extracting water from it.
  • Quit smoking because it deposits toxins in your lungs & gradually makes it difficult for your body to absorb oxygen & makes it tough to breathe.
  • Cut-down on the levels of sugar intake as it is a root cause of problems like obesity & heart disease.
  • Always add salt to your dishes during cooking. Salt, when added afterwards hampers your health.

Add Epsom salt to warm water & bath with it

Adding little Epsom salt to Luke-warm water & taking bath with it at least twice a week is super beneficial as it contains magnesium. Our skin loses a lot of magnesium when we are stressed. This will help re-gaining it.

Do regular work out

Apart from helping us to get back into shape, exercise also helps in detoxifying ourselves. During workouts we release a lot of toxic agents from our body in the form of sweat. Hence, try to work out for an hour at least thrice a week.

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Drink detox tea that helps you to lose weight

Green Tea

green tea

It is scientifically proven that drinking green tea four times a day increases the fat burning capacity of our cells specially from tummy which leads to better functioning of your liver.

Mint Tea

mint tea

Replace the cups of coffee with the cups of mint tea and you will see drastic changes in your body, it has approximately 30% less caffeine than coffee. It also burns more fat and giving you a toned body.

Oolong Tea

oolong tea

Drinking oolong tea is very beneficial as it improves our body’s metabolism of fats/lipids.

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea contains a special ingredient called “Aspalathin” which reduces stress hormones that leads to hunger & more storage of fat.

It also helps in problems like cardiovascular disease & type 2 diabetes.

White Tea

White Tea

White tea is full of anti-oxidants, it is dried in sun light & doesn’t undergo as much processing with additives as other types of tea.

It has four times more power than green to burn lipids. It also helps in the reduction of the process of new fat cell formation. If you are looking for an easy tip to lose extra pounds from your body, this is your best solution.

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The bottom line

do it now

At last we would say it’s your life, your body & your choice. Either you improve your daily eating habits or one day these habits will eat you. Take full care of yourself and follow the above mentioned steps and you will notice the problems fading away within a month or two. Keep your body’s self-detox capacity alive & enjoy your life to the fullest.

Eat healthy! Exercise daily! Keep smiling! Take care!

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